Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Diary of a Mad Hatter Writer

Plot Bunnies run from the MAD HATTER!

Okay, maybe that title is a bit extreme. But after the day I've had...

I'll admit up front on a scale 1-10 that what I know about coding a blog would fit into a thimble.

Get a template, you say.

lol ...

That's what I did. But after a few days, I naturally had to make some some changes. That's when the madness set in. The first header was too stark and not wide enough to suit my finickiness. I couldn't live with it another moment. 

When it comes to  images, I'm pretty good for a self-taught ... whatever I am. ;D

So I fiddled around with this and that, blended a few things and out popped the header you see above you. 


TS sat back on her laurels and figured it was time to get back to writing those stories...

You know what I mean. Solving a few character problems, flipping those problems and making life more difficult for my darlings (think I've mentioned that's fun) and then I took a break.

Stopped to look at the blog. Guess what? 

The post background color no longer worked for me (was dark stormy grey) and the font title was an atrocious orange. Yuck! <<<isn't that an awful color?

It would probably take the average blogger minutes to fix those issues. *sigh* Sadly with me, nope.

Wading through code has never been something I enjoy. That's exactly what happened. Wading. Through gobble-de-gook.

It's true this page still isn't the way I want it, but it's beginning to grow. Eventually I'll add some of my favorite links in the sidebar. After I figure out what color I'd like the font to be. It's difficult to read because when I changed the ugly orange, black font over grey was part of the outcome.

For now I must let the page rest. That's because I realize that building this new author platform is going to take some time and the most important aspect is to WRITE!

Characters Phoebe & Alex are at cross hairs and they need me to be there for them. If I don't put them in the middle of their crisis and cooperate with them to solve this case then the story won't come to fruition.

Come here plot bunny... here bunny... come on furball... no more procrastinating!

~ TS

Next, I'll work on a bio to be inserted here. ;D

ProBlogger had an interesting post that included information about Google's new Author Bio requirements HERE.

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