Saturday, February 23, 2013

Tampa Bay Nights and Flights into Imagination

It's been months since I've blogged anywhere online. That's astounding because last year I was a blogging fiend. This is the first post for Temple Storm, only one of my pen names. 

It's new. I'm working on stories and plan to publish them later this year.

This blog will focus on the writing process for this new genre. (for me) Stories done by Temple Storm will be centered around the world of crime, murder and frequently blended with conflict between characters. (torturing my darlings is a great adventure)

Readers who stumble across this blog will also enter worlds of secret societies. So much fun! Actually, I've always been interested in secret societies and so far I've created two. (more revealed closer to publication)

Anyway, something happened at work last night that prompted this new blog post.

I work overnight at the local big-box super store. It's located next to the bay and two airports. Doesn't that sound so typical? ;D

At about 2:10 am, several jets flew over the store. Low in the air, they shook the large building. It isn't unusual to have overnight flights, but last night the take-offs lasted about ten minutes... non stop with each airline taking off and buzzing the building and followed closely by the next.

Someone said, "What is that?" while pointing toward the ceiling.

"Planes taking off," I answered.

"Naw. We're too far away from the airport."

"No we aren't," a boss replied.

Then Someone proceeded to argue with boss.

I confess, I found myself smiling. Why?

Because clandestine flights at 2 am is the stuff stories are made of.

"Never under estimate the importance of a small airport," I said. 

"It's just an insignificant airport. There's nothing going on there. I don't think they can handle such large planes."

"The coast guard uses that airport," the boss said. 

The discussion continued and nothing was resolved. 

Awhile later, I told Someone, "I'm from northeast Ohio. When the President came to town, he didn't use Cleveland Hopkins International Airport. No, he used the little unimportant airport located between Akron & Canton. Never underestimate the power held within the boundaries of a small airport."

Why was this conversation interesting? It's because the simplest things can be turned into a story element. In my opinion, that's where the fun comes in.

As time goes by, I'll write more posts about finding plot bunnies along the path of life and how they can be incorporated into stories.

Next time a plane flies low overhead, think of the many ways you can use the experience in a fictional world.

Thanks for stopping by today! 

Enjoy your weekend. 

~ TS

p.s. Someone must remain anonymous... lol To protect innocent readers.

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